Rig Rundown – Anders Osborne


Anders Osborne invited PG’s John Bohlinger to soundcheck at his tour’s first stop at Nashville’s City Winery in early February and shows off his louder-than-a-jumbo-jet amps, bastardized, funky guitars and a handful of stomps that power his travelling mojo.

“Blackie” is pieced together from a 1968 Fender body with an unknown neck—Osborne’s tech thinks it’s from MIJ Fender—that has an ebony board with jumbo frets. The neck and bridge pickups are original ’68s, but the center pickup is a Seymour Duncan ‘Lil Screamin Demon. Blackie is generally set to open-D tuning and is strung with custom D’Addario set: .013, .018, .024 (wound), .034, .044, .054.

“Greenie” is a 1985 Fender ’62 Stratocaster Reissue loaded with a RS Guitarworks vintage wiring harness (pots & switch jack) and was upgraded with a Seymour Duncan Five-Two pickup in the neck position. Greenie is tuned standard with a custom D’Addario set: .011, .016, .022 (wound), .032, .042, .052.

“Cherry” is a 1972 Gibson ES-335 with a Bigsby roller bridge, is tuned to standard, and outfitted with D’Addario EXL-115 .011–.049 strings.

To continue learning about Osborne’s gear, visit: http://bit.ly/AndersOsborneRR

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