A 12-strong that I actually want


I’ve played many 12-string guitars over the years and owned a few. I don’t own any now but I have to be honest, the 12-strong guitars I’ve owned were all acoustic and if I were to buy another one, this might be it. I love this guitar. I haven’t played it or its 6-string cousin but it sounds terrific.

There’s something about that Ricky 12-strong sound that is terrific. I’ve always found the 12-strong to be a great instrument but it is a bit of a one-trick pony if I’m honest. This could be a great addition though.

It’s not the easiest instrument to play but there is a spacial sound that adds such depth to any song. It’s like opening up a second layer in phase with the first layer but running parallel with it and expanding the frequency available in the space and time you play in.

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