Can XStomp replace all your pedals?


back in the late 80’s, the rack mount rig was all the rage. In the 90’s, Line 6 did a masterful job of introducing the world to modeling and somehow everything old is new again in the 2,000’s. It’s like talking about that new technology called a line array…except we’ve been doing that for years.

Hotone has a new pedal that tries to bridge the world of iOS devices and stomp boxes. It’s called the XStomp and the idea is a good one. The key here, is the modeling and just how close their boffins can come to getting the sound of a Tube Screamer or Klon.

I like the concept but from Lee and Rob’s demo, it seems like there is room to improve. The Bluetooth is a great idea however, much like the early days of Line 6 POD’s if you will. A decent simulation but for real application, it just wasn’t quite what I had in mind.

With pedal board real estate at a premium, I could see how this might fit nicely on my Holeyboard and if the effects are good, it could give me more flexibility. That’s the key, the modeling and if it can pull off the iconic pedals we all would be replacing with the XStomp.

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