Can you tell the difference between string gauges?


I’ve been playing 10’s for quite a while now and I am not one to subscribe to the notion that you are a hack if you don’t play the heaviest strings known to man. I really don’t care what SRV played, that worked for him but at my age, the last thing I want fighting back against me is the strings of my guitar.

Admittedly, I use to use a D’Addario set that was a set of 9’s on the top and 10’s on the bottom. I used those for years and years. I then just switched to 10’s to make it easier.

Can you tell the difference between sound in Rob and Lee’s video? I didn’t get the challenge right either. I would have said 9, 8, 10. Certainly you can feel the difference and while I wouldn’t mind an easier high E to bend, I’ve gotten used to 10’s.

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