Holeyboard: Is it a better Pedalboard?


I decided that I would try a new Holeyboard out and see if this new format would be better than my Pedaltrain board. Wha tI have found is that laying out your Holeyboard is not as easy. In order to determine if you have the right length and fit, you need to anchor the pedal but with no velcro, you cannot do that unless you really cable tie it down first.

Yes, you can eyeball it but a few times I’ve tied a pedal down, it changed the angle slightly and this is an issue when cramped.

This isn’t a criticism, just an observation. I would recommend that Holeyboard offer some videos on how to arrange pedals and show their customers some best practices on populating heir boards without wasting zip ties.

Pre-terminated 1/4″ cables with right angles don’t fit through the holes and because of that, it leaves much of the cable management on top on my board instead of underneath it like the Pedaltrain does. That’s not a positive but a reality that I’m dealing with. I’m not a guy to buy $300 worth of 1/4″ plugs with a paltry 10′ of cable to make my own.

So far, it’s been a bit of a chore to get this populated correctly and it’s a lot more difficult than I imagined. It’s not impossible and most folks will get it but it is very different than the old style board.

Would I buy it again? It depends. It’s contextual and depends on what you’re looking for. I did not like the velcro because over time I was always replacing it. I liked the idea of zip ties but they have issues too. The Pedaltrain was more linear and straightforward whereas the Holeyboard is a bit more free flowing and less structured.

What I do like about it is the size and that free flowing concept? I like that a lot better than the bulkiness of traditional pedalboards. The Holeyboard has a more organized feel to it and the second tier is really nice. I wanted to get my looper up top so I could see it better and have easier access to it, the Holeyboard does just that.

I suspect that when I finally do de-colonize my head on this layout issue, I’ll like this board much better than traditional boards because it’s smaller and tiered. the Pedals won’t be falling off as the sticky tape loses strength and the red is super cool! Although I must be honest, I really wanted the blue one and they didn’t have any in stock. A few days after getting mine, they come out with a new M3…that’s just my luck too.

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