Mexican vs American Fender Strats


It’s an old question but one that is relevant given the tough economic times. Reality is, back in the day when the Japanese strats came out, they had a similar stigma attached to them but now they are quite the collector piece and made very well. So well, in fact, that Fender locked that market up and controlled the situation through acquisition. At least that’s what I’ve read. Tokai sound familiar?

So now we have Mexican strats and to be perfectly fair, I have a custom shop strat and that neck feels nothing like my American and Mexican strat necks. There is a difference. Is there a $1,500 difference? Probably not but that depends on you.

This video does a great job of breaking it down and the point here is, you can do very well with a Mexican strat and a few modifications that will add a better bridge and components. That’s why I have spent the last year making Frnakenstrats. Much cheaper and just as good…even with American parts.

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