OCD is THAT good, the rest is opinion


Dominate long enough in a particular market and eventually you’ll get a host of detractors claiming your product isn’t authentic, real or very good. I’ve read most of the anti-OCD pedal rants and I’ll leave them to their opinion but for me, it is an incredible pedal with a permanent place on my board. distortion-pedal-290x300

It’s hard to describe but the OCD has a fuller sound meaning it sounds less compressed and fair enough, it’s an overdrive pedal not a distortion pedal but it’s more than that. I have other OD pedals that sound no where near as good as the OCD. The Tone knob has terrific depth and even transparency and I find myself wanting the exact same pedal for distortion. Just an OCD with a little more gain to get more distortion.

I ended up placing a boost pedal ahead of the OCD and it does a decent job but gets slightly muddy. Regardless, this pedal has the reputation it has because it is that good. IF you’re trying to get metal distortion, this is not the pedal for you but for nearly everything else, it works beautifully.

I have teamed it with a Mad Professor 1 pedal for my “brown” sound and that’s another review but I couldn’t be happier with the versatility of the OCD and full, rich sound that it provides. It’s the first OD pedal I’ve used that sound completely natural and retains all the qualities on my amp without any sense that it’s compressing or over-clipping.


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