Prince: 1958-2016


When the world was simply crazy about Michael Jackson, I was an outcast because I liked MJ’s music but it was Prince that I listened to. It was Prince and his searing guitar and music that I was drawn to.

Saying goodbye to a legend in the industry and captivating artist in the hearts of millions is not easy…especially at this young age.

While his music was always moving into new territories and finding new ground, it was honestly his guitar playing that I really enjoyed watching. The shows that were stripped of everything but Prince and his guitar were the shows I liked best and the Super Bowl performance was just such a show.

The hours I spent listening to Purple Rain and learning the guitar was a magic moment. Studying his phrasing and approach to the instrument was a wonderful learning experience but much of Prince’s story was about his teaching all of us to appreciate music because he was truly a musician in every sense of the word.



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