Stop the nonsense! How do you really set up a strat perfectly?


I’ve seen the Frudua video on setting up a strat, who hasn’t? It’s great and he’s great but it doesn’t get down to the gnat’s arse on the matter (that’s more of a ballpark setup in my mind). How exactly do you set up a strat perfectly with low action and proper string resistance?

I’ve been to all the forums that are constantly suggesting the same crap about shims and other nonsense but seriously, we need to get to the bottom of this. I’ve got Dan’s Delphic oracle book but even he does it slightly odd.

I’m looking for a definitive way, barring strats that have major flaws or component issues, of setting up the strat perfectly. Yes, if the neck has issues or the body pocket isn’t right or all those seemingly unexplainable issues that people bring up to make them sound more knowledgeable about the subject in forums by creating straw man arguments about what is really something that should be straightforward.

So share with us how you set up a strat perfectly every time. What measurements and adjustments do you make? How do you make sure you have the neck perfectly straight with the right amount of relief and where do you measure that? IF the nut is correct and relief is right but the strings are slightly high at the 12th, what do you do to adjust that?

Tell us your secret to the perfect strat.

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