Guitar Picking Technique Lesson + Soloing Over Chords For Beginners


Playing over chords and landing on the right notes means not thinking about only a major or minor scale of the key when soloing, but also factoring in where the chord progression is going. At Belmont University the head of the guitar program goes so far as to structure his program in a way that teaches you to play different modes over different chords in different situations, trumping the major/minor scale of the key. That’s a very jazz way to approach things (because you can’t rely on a single scale in jazz) and it isn’t my favorite for popular music but I think there’s a happy medium in there. The exercise I put in the video does pentatonics off chords because pentatonics are pretty friendly scales. It’s hard to make a pentatonic clash with something else going on. I hope you see some of the patterns happening in the exercise and can throw them in your playing for a pinch of flavor.

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