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Hohm Guitar is a website created for people who aren’t getting ready to go on tour, signing a new record deal, YouTube stars, enviable and otherworldly talented masters of the guitar, or masters of the universe in A440. It is a hohm for the rest of the normal people who play guitar at home and share the same passion, conviction and commitment to the one thing they love most—playing guitar.

You may be starting your quest of playing guitar or you may be, like me, a long-time player who finds pure joy in playing and crafting your rig to get the tone you want. Having played since I was 18-years-old, I am still only a marginal player at best but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the craft, buy the best product I can afford and have a discerning opinion on the art and products.

This isn’t a place to judge your ability or be critical of other folks’ opinions and there is one simple rule at Hohm Guitar—share, engage and disagree but do it with decorum & civility. That means no personal attacks or abuse.

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